Hi! I’m Charlisha Renata and I’m glad you are considering my photography services. I’m sure you came to this page to learn a bit about me.

I started photography in 2010. That was also the year of the first wedding I photographed. It was my closest cousin’s wedding. Since I was just starting, I made sure he had hired professionals for that day plus I wanted to enjoy the ceremony. Out of a total of 3 photographers, the photos that he hung on his wall were all taken by me.

I’m not the “posing” kind of photographer. I’m always taking photos even when I don’t have a camera. I see the world as if I’m looking through a camera lens. My work has been described as documentary style because I like to capture moments of real life. Real smiles, loving gazes, locked eyes, laughter and other expressions of fun and compassion. True Love & Light is about photographing how you feel. It’s my vision of lightness, the euphoria of true love, captured.

Now that intro is out the way, who am I beyond photography?


First things first! I love fashion and style. I was once a model and that is how I ended up with a camera in my hands.

I am a creative who dabbles in various crafts. I can do just about anything visually appealing expect draw (I can splash some paint on a canvas, though). 

Kendrick Lamar is my favorite rapper.

My favorite store is the thrift store.

I met my husband, Terrell, on a photoshoot while he was assisting the photographer. He’s my partner when two photographers are needed for a ceremony. Many times he comes along just to be around in case I need something. 

We are DIY’ers. If we can make it instead of buying it, we DIY!

We enjoy coffee and wine…but not at the same time!

Are you ready to get started? Let’s meet!